These Resilient And Inspiring Celebs Survived Their Toxic Parents And Went On To Become Amazing People

These inspiring celebrities have admitted to having toxic parents, but now they’re great role models showing that your childhood doesn’t have to hold you back.

Posted on: August 10, 2017

These Resilient And Inspiring Celebs Survived Their Toxic Parents And Went On To Become Amazing People

Surviving toxic parents doesn’t have to ruin the rest of your life. By admitting that they grew up with toxic parents, these 10 amazing celebrities have proven that you can go on and have amazing success no matter what background you’ve come from. But most importantly, you can go on with your life and truly be happy, no matter where you come from. 


Demi Lovato Taringa

Poor Demi had a difficult relationship with her father and was conflicted when he passed away with cancer in 2013. She’s even talked about her abusive relationship with her father, saying,”He was abusive. He was mean.” She talked about her tough upbringing, and how he was unable to raise his family because of mental illness which is something that Demi has also struggled with. But the storm doesn’t last long if you’re willing to pull through. Demi went on to become a popular singer, and actress, and she’s praised for being a body positive activist. 


Charlize Theron Nosotras

Even though South African-born Charlize kept it a secret for many years, the blonde bombshell went through a nightmarish childhood thanks to her parent’s antics. Her father was an alcoholic who was verbally abusive. One night, things escalated badly when he came home shooting, threatening to kill Charlize and her mother. He then shot into the room where they were hiding, so her mom grabbed her own handgun and shot back. This shot killed him. But his death didn’t overshadow her future. Charlize went on to star in blockbuster films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Monster and Aeon Flux, and is the proud mother of Jackson August Theron. Life is greener on the other side!


Angelina Jolie Rebloggy

Despite having a loving mother, Angelina Jolie was really affected by her toxic relationship with her father. As a successful actor himself, her father Jon Voight had an affair and abandoned his family in 1977 when Angelina was barely a kid. Since then their relationship has been on and off, but most recently, they’ve managed to stay in each other’s lives, especially now that Angelina is the mother of six amazing kids. Relationships might go sour at one point, but when you try to find common ground and there’s underlying love, anything’s possible!


Azealia Banks FactMag

Growing up in Harlem, Azealia had a tough childhood. Her Dad died when she was just two years old, leaving her mom to raise her. But with a mother suffering from mental health issues, Azealia had a rough upbringing with not stability. She would physically abuse Azealia by getting physical with her, but that didn’t put a damper on the Harlem native star with the striking voice. She went on to land a contract with Interscope records, and is heavily known for being outspoken and a non conformist artist who dares to speak her mind. 


Lindsay Lohan Taringa

Lindsay Lohan has struggled with substance abuse, going in and out of rehab in the middle of a very lucrative career. Despite being internationally praised, the 5 foot 4 diva found herself surrounded by controversy and legal issues. Her parents have admitted to being responsible for most of her problems, but that didn’t change things for the actress turned singer, as she eventually did a brief stint in jail. Thankfully, the past is where it should be: in the past. Lindsay is enjoying living la vida sober, living happily in London since 2016, and getting in touch with a more peaceful, low-key lifestyle. 


Halle Berry Elite Daily

As a child, Halle Berry witnessed horrific domestic violence as her alcoholic and abusive father beat her mother day after day. This included seeing her mom kicked down the stairs and being hit on the head with a wine bottle. Today, Halle is the stunning mother of Nahla Ariela Aubry, and Maceo Robert Martinez, and was recently seen celebrating her first movie role’s 25th anniversary. She dabbled in production in 2005’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, which was produced by Oprah, and even got nominated for an Emmy. It definitely does get better!


Shia LaBeouf Karen Civil

We all know Shia struggles with alcohol abuse, and when you learn about his childhood, it’s hard to imagine how anyone would respond in any other way. He grew up on the poverty line and his dad, a Vietnam vet, struggled with PTSD and was a drug addict. This must have been tough for Shia, especially one time when his dad suffered a flashback and held a gun to Shia’s head. Despite his troublesome childhood, the talented actor managed to stay in the limelight, appearing in Sia’s Elastic Heart video, starred in three Transformer’s movies, and is know for being outspoken and straight-up transparent when it comes to the industry’s shenanigans and double standards. 


Macaulay Culkin Concierto

Macaulay’s dad Kit aggressively pushed his young son’s acting career, adding stress to an already fragile relationship. Macaulay was sadly caught up in a toxic custody battle between his parents. His mom accused his dad of “excessive drinking, being physically abusive and with unfaithful behavior.” Finally, Macaulay sued both his parents to remove them as guardians of his then £17 million fortune. Now, 2017 Macaulay is looking hot, and everyone seems to want to be “home alone” with the fresh-looking stud. He’s rumored to be dating his costar, Brenda Song. They met on the set of Seth Green’s directorial debut film, Changeland. Macaulay Culkin’s looking fiiiine, and everyone knows it! 


Eminem Revista Kuadro

Everyone knows about Eminem’s toxic relationship with his mom, Debbie. The quick-thinking, mad lyricist rapper made sure to vent out on many, many songs where he talked about their abusive relationship, and the disdain he had for her. Debbie suffered from Münchausen’s syndrome, so Eminem was left to raise his little brother all on his own. At one point, Debbie sued his son over slander for $10 million, but today, Eminem’s mom claims “life’s too short” and wants her son to know she still thinks of him. Despite their relationship suffering from Debbie’s mental illness, Eminem went on raise a beautiful and healthy daughter who’s going to college, and has released several albums with more mature content matter, proving Marshall Mathers can really spit it like no other, even when he’s not cussing someone out.