These Restricted And Forbidden Locations Prove That Every Home Town Has Its Own Dirty Secrets

The world is your oyster… as long as you stay away from these restricted and secret locations!

Posted on: July 28, 2017

These Restricted And Forbidden Locations Prove That Every Home Town Has Its Own Dirty Secrets

From the most exclusive nightlife spots to the most restricted military bases that kinda makes you wonder if Mulder and Scully from the X Files aren’t going to pop up, there are some places in this world that you just can’t go. No, we’re talking literally! Entrance is 100% forbidden. However, not being able to go there in person doesn’t mean we can’t learn about them – so check out these ultra-secret locations below!


Military Mysteries Unknown World

England’s North Yorkshire is an odd spot for a holiday, but even if you wanted to visit Menwith Hill, you couldn’t. The site is home to a missile early warning and communications center, making it the biggest electronic monitoring station in the world!


Scaly Secrets Un Surco En La Sombra

The mysterious island of Isla de Queimada Grande is only open to the Brazilian Navy and a crack team of researchers, and for good reason! The whole site has been overrun with a critically endangered but venomous snake known as the golden lancehead, making it ultra-dangerous for any human who dares to visit. No wonder is known as cobra island! I think I’ll pass!


Family History Apocalypse John

Hiding a vault inside of a mountain may seem like something straight out of a spy film, but that’s exactly what the Mormon Church did! Inside the vault lies 2.4 million rolls of microfilm, containing three billion pages of Mormon family history!


I’ll Drink To That! N1Info

Coca-Cola will do anything to protect their secret recipe, including literally keeping it under lock and key. The recipe lives in a vault in Atlanta’s “World Of Coca-Cola”, so you can visit, but good luck getting inside!


It’s A Fortress (Literally!) Look 4 Ward

Fort Knox might seem like a pretty depressing vacation spot, but people have their own reasons for wanting to go. The army base holds a huge portion of America’s gold reserves, and it is fiercely protected because of it.


Flower Power Rise Earth

The North Pole might seem like a strange place for plants, but that’s exactly where the the Svalbard Global Seed Vault lives. It aims to keep copies of seeds at risk due to global crises or climate change, but good luck accessing them! The seed collection is more well protected than several world banks. If this doesn’t prove we ARE undergoing a global warming epidemic, I don’t know what will!


Religious Restriction Gadoo

The Vatican is already a pretty mysterious place, but there are some bits you just can’t visit. Unless you’re an expert researcher or The Pope himself, the secret archives (and all the secrets they contain) are strictly off-limits! Oh, c’mon, pretty please? 


Out Of This World Glenn 94

Pine Gap might sound like a cute forest getaway, but it’s actually the name of something far more serious. The Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility is partly run by the C.I.A and is a huge part of the global surveillance network, so not exactly a vacation spot!


Underground Artists! Study Blue

Lascaux might look from outside like any other cave system, but inside it lies a spoooky little secret. The cave walls are filled with hundreds of paintings of ancient animals and plants, drawn by people over 17,000 years ago. Thank goodness, someone found the caves!


The Art World’s Best Kept Secret! Versijos

Somewhere in Monte Rio, California, lurks Bohemian Grove, an ultra-exclusive campsite owned by the Bohemian Club. Every summer, San-Francisco’s art-world elites descend on the site, but for everyone else (especially women) the men’s only event is off limits! Doesn’t it make you want to go after hearing it’s forbidden?