These Sweet Treats Ended Up Killing People In The Most Bizarre Of Ways. Talk About Ruining Valentine's Day Forever!

Who knew that something so good could be so deadly!

Posted on: May 10, 2017

These Sweet Treats Ended Up Killing People In The Most Bizarre Of Ways. Talk About Ruining Valentine's Day Forever!

Everyone loves a sweet treat every now and then. Whether it’s a slice of cake for your birthday, a yummy caramel frapuccino to get you through the day, those famous pancakes you make for brunch on the weekends, or the chocolates you got your lover for Valentine’s Day, we’re all familiar with the sweet indulgence of sugary treats! But did you ever think these treats could become deadly?


How Much is Too Much? Youtube

American scientists decided to answer the age old question, how much sugar is too much sugar? As they found out, it would take approximately 5.4 pounds of sugar to kill an adult that weighs about 180 pounds. In simple terms, that’s about 262 mini chocolate bars! Consider this before your next binge on chocolate!


Birthday Celebratory Poisoning

A new father in Pakistan rushed out to a bakery to buy some Indian sweets after his son was born. What the father didn’t know, was that he was actually buying poison! The bakery had been apparently storing some pesticides for the neighboring store which was undergoing renovations. Somehow, the pesticides ended up in the baked goods, and the bakery was accused of poisoning its customers. The new father and 11 of his family members ended up losing their life to the “celebratory” sweets.


Spooky Pixy Stix Wifflegif

One fateful Halloween night in Pasadena, a group of kids and their fathers set out to do some trick-or-treating. One of the fathers, who was in financial trouble, suddenly appeared with giant Pixy Stix for the kids! As it turns out, the Pixy Stix was laced with deadly cyanide, and the father ended up killing his own son. Why? The father was trying to collect on an insurance payout from his young son’s death so that he could pay off his debt. Spooky, or what?


Blow Up Bubble Gum Youtube

A young chemistry college student in the Ukraine was home visiting between semesters. The young man had a penchant for experimenting and inventing new things as a way to satisfy his curiosity. After his mother found him in his room with most of his face blown off, it was believed that the gum he was chewing contained some sort of explosive. Chew on that!


Deadly Sweet Thenet

A young mother of two who worked at a chocolate factory in Russia, found herself in a vat of chocolate. It’s been said she was trying to get her cell phone back, which she apparently dropped into the vat of chocolate, but the blades from the mixer ended up ripping her to shreds – literally!


Medicinal Sweetheart Pinterest

Licorice was used as a medicinal ingredient for many years, mainly popular with the ancient Romans and Greeks. It has been used to treat heartburn and bronchitis, but more recently has been known to be bad for people with heart issues. Eating only 2 ounces of black licorice a day can cause severe and dangerous heart rhythms that could land you in the emergency room, and potentially become deadly!


An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away… Or Not Ourbestbites

While we all know the saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, it wasn’t necessarily true for some people in California, where apples were recalled because of a Listeria outbreak. However, it only affected caramel apples covered with goodies! Even though a recall warning was issued quickly, in the end there were four deaths and two dozen illnesses related to Listeria, unfortunately.


Loopy Lollipops Youtube

A couple in San Antonio were found to be planning on passing out homemade lollipops on Halloween that were laced with THC… Yes, that’s right, the psychoactive component in marijuana… To be given to children! The couple was busted after police found an illegal grow op, along with piles and piles of these potentially dangerous lollipops!  


Lethal Lychee edition.cnn

In May of 1995 in India, many children began having seizures that would results in comas, and many would die. This would happen every May, and no one could figure out why. It wasn’t until 2014 when researchers started to put the pieces together and figure out what was causing these seizures, comas and death. It was lychee fruit! Children liked to steal lychee from orchards as an after school snack. However, at this time of year, the lychee still is not ripe, and is loaded with a toxin that was causing all these seizures, comas and deaths. A good deterrent to not steal, perhaps!


The Jello Succubus Quickmeme

A woman by the name of Julia Lynn Turner managed to off two of her lovers while trying to collect a payout… with Jello! As it turns out, she most likely (and easily) poisoned her lovers by making Jello with antifreeze, causing heart failure to both of her victims. She ended up committing suicide in prison by way of overdose. How ironic!