These Unbelievable Places Are Not Only Gorgeous, They're Disgustingly Cheap To Live In

Live your dream abroad on a budget in these exotic locations that are to die for!

Posted on: June 19, 2017

These Unbelievable Places Are Not Only Gorgeous, They're Disgustingly Cheap To Live In

If you dream of adventure in an exotic far-off land or long for a easy-going life in a paradisaical setting, but don’t have the budged to live it up large, then these locations need to be on your list, like asap! While the world holds a vast amount of idyllic places, these 10 awesome spots are definitely worth considering if you are looking to move abroad without breaking the bank. If anything, you can always stay there for a month or two and go back with your savings almost intact!


León, Nicaragua Truth Theory

Nicaragua is blessed with its tropical climate, rich colonial history, breathtaking scenery and delicious spicy food. The charming town of León is one of it’s jewels. This gorgeous colonial town offsets its exotic Latin charm with art galleries, museums, theaters, cafes and restaurants. And best of all, you can rent a two bedroom apartment for as little as $ 500 a month. That’s like 10 dresses at Forever 21!


Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Solutions

Combining the exotic appeal of the east in its ancient town center, with the commodities of modern department stores and international schools on its outskirts, it’s easy to understand why this low-cost town in Thailand is a very attractive choice for living abroad. Combining delicious weather with excellent healthcare, you can live here comfortably for an average of $1,000 a month. Money well spent!


Las Tablas, Panama Hotel Room Search

Off the beaten path, and therefore preserving its rural Latin charm, lies the quaint town of Las Tablas in Panama. Surrounded by farms and ranches but close enough to the ocean, this town offers a pleasant, quiet life in a country that is very welcoming to foreigners. Rent in Las Tablas can run as low as $400 a month, and with the unbelievable weather and green scenery, those 400 bucks are more like an investment! 


Medellin, Colombia Kerdowney

In the 80s, Medellin was considered the “Most dangerous city”, but time changes everything and now the beautiful city was voted “Most Innovative City in the World” in 2013. Medellin is a creative, buzzing, cosmopolitan city offering all the amenities of world-caliber locations at a fraction of the cost. In Medellin you can live a life of cosmopolitan luxury for as little as $1,600 a month. Plus, it’s always “primavera” (spring time) so you better pack a few extra shorts and skirts!


Lanquedoc-Rousillon, France Cle France

Best known for its vineyards, the Lanquedoc-Rousillon area in the Pyrenees of France has been described as nothing less than idyllic. So get ready to break your jaw while staring at the unbelievable sights! If gaping at gorgeous scenery while enjoying exquisite wine in a Mediterranean climate sounds like a dream come true, then Lanquedoc-Rousillon should be your next home. Amazingly you can rent your apartment of bliss for as little as $500.


Carvoeiro, Portugal Travel In Portugal

If you prefer combining the charm of Old World Europe with proximity to sandy breaches and long sunny days, then you should consider Carvoeiro, as it might just what the doctor ordered. This gorgeous and peaceful town overlooking the Algarve coast offers delicious seafood and local wines during the seemingly endless summers. What’s not to love, when you can live deliciously well for a mere $1,250 a month? 


Kota Kinabalu, Borneo SabahTourism

You might not be able to find it on a map, but Kota Kinabalu can steal your heart. This laid back and quiet town has the perfect mix of the exotic and serene, especially if you enjoy the outdoors and being in, on or near the water and are a foody at heart. For a mere $850 a month you can call Kota Kinabalu home and save tons of dough which you will most likely spend on the most exotic dishes you’ve ever tried! Hum, can I get an amen? 


Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic Peninsula Tours

If living in the Caribbean sounds like a dream, then the Dominican Republic is the affordable way to make it come true. Thankfully less overrun by tourists the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas has preserved its Caribbean french charm while offering a strong growing economy and the same dreamy weather and coastlines. In Las Terrenas you can live your dream for approximately $ 1,250 a month. What? Did you think the Cayman islands were only useful to launder money? 


Santa Familia, Belize Real Estate Guys Radio

If you long to leave your hectic life behind and unplug, (who doesnt?) then Santa Familia is the best option. In this quiet and very small town people still greet each other and life is blissfully simple. If you’re planning on going back to basics, give your life a breather in the wide open spaces and sunny afternoons of Belize for around $1,200 a month.


Barcelona, Spain Iau France

Barcelona offers vibrant cultural city living for a surprisingly low price. The city is awash with colonial and modern culture offering a wide array of restaurants, sites, cafes, museums, galleries and is close enough to the ocean for relaxing weekends in the sun. For approximately $1,600 you can live in this vibrant and colorful city. You simply cannot get bored in a city that never sleeps.