They Might Be Successful Now, But These Celebrities Failed Hard Before They Became Inspirational Icons

As they say, and specifically in their cases, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Posted on: June 08, 2017

They Might Be Successful Now, But These Celebrities Failed Hard Before They Became Inspirational Icons

The road to success is a tough one. Most people might believe that celebrities were born successful creatures, capable of achieving all their objectives in life. Far from being the truth, successful people have in common the ability to never give up and keep on fighting, failure after failure. Discover the story of some of the most popular people who failed on their way to success.


Thomas Edison Popesextant

World-famous inventor, for the longest time Thomas Edison’s bio included the creation of patents like the telegraph and the light bulb. Even if he did not invent some of the things attributed to him, he certainly had the patents for them. But things weren’t always easy for him: at school, his teachers kept discouraging him by telling him he was too dumb to learn anything. If you can’t learn, patent it, I guess.


Steven Spielberg Es.Ign

Academy Award-winning director, Steven Spielberg’s career didn’t start off on the right foot. He applied to the University of Southern California but he was rejected not once but three times—I bet they’re sorry now.


Stephen King Huffingtonpost

His first novel was Carrie, but he didn’t believe in himself much, so he threw it away and it ended up in the trash. It’s uncertain how it came out of there, but what we do know is that he’s one of the most successful horror writers in the world, and Carrie ended up as one of his most famous works of art.


Oprah Winfrey Upsocl

Probably one of the most famous faces in American television, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her television reporting job before actually being successful on the set. Her employers said she wasn’t really fit to be on the screen—we can proudly argue how wrong they were.


Marilyn Monroe Libertadfm

You might find it hard to believe that Marilyn ever failed in her life, but she was one of us before being famous worldwide. Columbia Pictures ended her contract because they claimed she wasn’t pretty or talented enough to be in the acting career—such a bad call.


Henry Ford Jalopnik

Though his first car company was a failure, Henry Ford persevered and ended up as one of the leading men of the car industry. He went on to become the founder of the Ford Motor Company and one of the world’s most successful business magnates.


Harrison Ford Cosmopolitantv

After his first movie, Harrison’s producer was not at all into his performance; so he told Harrison he would never succeed in the acting world. Little did the producer know that he had just witnessed the art of one of Hollywood’s soon-to-be most successful actors.


Harland Sanders Abcnews

Also known as KFC’s “Colonel”, Harland wasn’t as successful as selling chicken as he was later on in his life. Apparently, before the creation of KFC, around 1000 restaurants rejected his chicken recipe we’ve come to love today.


Elvis Presley Telemundo

World-famous singer and songwriter, Elvis was fired by his manager Denny because he saw no potential in him. “You aren’t going nowhere, son,” were his actual words; but they weren’t enough to discourage the singer from becoming “The King” of Rock and Roll worldwide.


Charlie Chaplin Doctormacro

This English comic writer rose to fame during the era of silent movies, but the beginning of his career wasn’t so easy. Executives rejected his act because they claimed people would not be able to understand his obscurity—people ended up identifying with him so much!