They Scared Us Into Thinking These Things Were Dangerous AF, But It Was Nothing But a Lie

Some things you've been told are highly dangerous simply... aren't.

Posted on: April 28, 2017

They Scared Us Into Thinking These Things Were Dangerous AF, But It Was Nothing But a Lie

So, according to the media and scientific studies, pretty much everything you touch and breathe will either rot your brain or give you cancer in your fingers. Careful! Just reading this post might activate the retinal uranium vessels in your eyes! Ok, ok, we’re obviously joking. While there’s nothing wrong with being cautious, there are a lot of highly dangerous things whose risk factors are not as life threatening as you were taught to believe.


Stick That Thumb Out Travel Dance Repeat

Go ahead and hitchhike if you have to. According to statistics, you have less than one-thousandth of a percent risk of being killed or raped. In fact, you probably run a higher risk if you just stand there in the middle of the road till nightfall without flagging someone down for help. Though the percentage goes up if you’re a woman, as you may have already imagined.


It's Gonna Blow The Tangential

Hollywood may have fooled you into thinking that in an accident, a car will likely explode. But even if you shoot at the gas tank or the car is on fire, the chances of an explosion are very small. So don’t start racing into oncoming traffic to get away from the car. It’s not a bomb!


Don't Be A Sharkophobe JoBlo

Given that we kill up to 70 million sharks every year, they have more to fear from us than we do from them. That being said, you won’t catch us trying to pet these intimidating sea monsters anytime soon! So you’re actually more likely to get bit by a dog or struck by lightning than get turned into snack food by”Jaws”


Touring Chernobyl A VilagTitkai

Despite the nuclear incident in 1986, you can still take a stroll through the abandoned city of Pripyat. You won’t die from radiation poisoning so long as you don’t take up permanent residence, though you might wind up with a child born with two heads in the future.


Michael Myer's Halloween Candy Living On The Cheap

Every year on Halloween we tell our kids that someone might put something in the candy, but it’s just an urban legend that ties back to Jack Chick, who tried convincing Christian Children that Halloween was evil. It’s okay to be safe, but don’t ruin the holiday by creating unnecessary panic. Now, pass the Mars bar!


Licking Builds Immunity Daily Mail

If your child licks the shopping cart at the supermarket, don’t panic. It’s nasty, sure, and probably contain germs that can cause diarrhea, but it won’t contain life-threatening viruses. If anything, it will build their immune systems. And who doesn’t want to have a mini Hulk for a son?


Pork It Up How Stuff Works

Despite what you’ve heard, modern standards of raising livestock have reduced that risk of contracting Trichinella Spiralis, a type of worm that humans contracted after eating undercooked pork. So if your bacon’s a little raw, chill out cause you won’t die. At least not like that! cues freaky murder music


Pit Bull Crap Pinterest

Pit Bulls have a bad rap for being dangerous and aggressive, but the truth is that any dog that’s trained or cared for properly will likely become aggressive. Most Pit Bulls just want to give you a good old sniff and a lick to say hello.


Phones On A Plane Guys Gab

Using your cellphone on a flight won’t cause the plane to tumble out of the sky,making you responsible for your death and everyone else on-board. Butsince your fellow passengers aren’t aware of this, you might be indanger from them attacking you for turning your phone on.


Be A Video Game-A-Holic Indie Wire

Other than the danger that comes from lack of exercising and almost no face-to-face social life, there’s no proof that video games will make you violent or aggressive. Being a natural-born psychopath would, on the other hand.