This Beautiful Photo Series Shows What Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Queens

This is how Disney princesses would look if they actually lived happily ever after.

Posted on: June 26, 2017

This Beautiful Photo Series Shows What Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Queens

Due to the impact of media, aging is usually seen as a bad thing. Photographer Tony Ross saw a unique beauty in mature women and decided to portray it as far from that. In fact, his objective was to try to change the popular belief that growing up is not as great as it actually is. Check out this mother-daughter photo series that reimagines Disney princesses as queens.


All Hail The Queen Youtube

The photoshoot features mother and daughter models to depict princesses in their young versions versus an older look as if they were queens. Each princess and queen had to dress in a Disney character signature garment. What a great way to spend an afternoon!


Long In The Tooth Youtube

The idea behind these pictures was to contrast the relationship between youth and ageing and a mother and her child. The daughter will probably be similar to her mother when she grows up, and the mother definitely looked like her daughter when she was younger: the juxtaposition is stunning and inspiring.


The Staff Telegraph

Together with photographer Tony Ross was Nephi Garcia, a renowned designer known for his collection of Disney-inspired children costumes. He helped Tony make the princesses and queens look as natural as possible, and it’s clear everyone had a (magical) blast!


Happily Ever After Youtube

Both generations have beauty of their own, and this fairytale photoshoot is here to prove it. Check out some of the best mother-daughter pictures and embrace age as it comes, happily ever after.


Mulan Okchicas

With a great feeling of honor, the younger version of Mulan perfectly portrays Mulan’s struggle and story. Her older counterpart portrays a more mature look and a bold appearance, as if Mulan was able to overcome all her difficulties as an older woman, which we know she would have. There was no stopping her!


Ariel Mydrivers

The young, insecure mermaid who was willing to give up her life in the sea to gain a human soul turned into an older Ariel who is proud of who she is. The mother is wearing a stunning rendition of a pink dress that makes her look like an adoring queen anyone would bow down to.


Snow White Repostuj

Both dresses look stunningly beautiful: the younger version of Snow White expresses more innocence than her older counterpart. Two pristine looks and the same apple to portray one amazing mother-daughter duo. All our dreams can come true, indeed!


Cinderella Crazyrawl

The once young girl who was living under unfortunate circumstances became a grown woman full of wisdom and experience. The word Cinderella came to mean “a person whose attributes were unrecognized”, which is deeefinitely not the case of the older rendition of this Disney princess. A stunning queen who’s willing to do the impossible, and we all know it’s so much fun to do the impossible. 


Belle Filing

Young. Beautiful. Untouched. That’s what both of Belle’s versions portray. The dresses are as stunning as the story behind Beauty and the Beast, and both use the mirror to show the impact of time and beauty. And you know what they say, growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!


Elena RearFront

With the heart and mind of a true leader, young Elena of Avalor perfectly depicts her adventurous spirit. Her older counterpart is still holding her hallmark guitar to prove spirit does not feel the impact of time.