This Gorgeous Miniature Hamster Town Was Built In 1984 Hours And It Was Totally Worth It

Welcome to Yumville, a custom-built teeny tiny town for hamsters obsessed with food. Get ready to say "Aww" like a million times!

Posted on: June 20, 2017

This Gorgeous Miniature Hamster Town Was Built In 1984 Hours And It Was Totally Worth It

Have you ever wondered what animals would do if they lead human lives? A group of artists was so curious about it that they handcrafted a teeny tiny world for hamsters to advertise a food company. Fully equipped with buildings, cobblestone streets, and everything a town needs, Yumville came to life and there’s even a show about it. Check out how this miniature hamster town came to be in nothing less than 1984 hours of work. Wowza! 


Hamstertising Imgur

The purpose behind this project was for Georgia-based ad company to promote a leading local food company. How? By showing itsy-bitsy hamsters leading a human-like life, making the food products look as adorable as the little rodent family.


Yumville Snoopit24

Once the town was handcrafted and set up, a family of cute furry animals started living in Yumville. They had fun exploring their new home, eating dinner in their very own kitchen, and getting ready for bed like a normal human family.


Man Hours Behance

This project took 1984 working hours and a talented group of people to be successful. The team of artists behind it created the town with 1325 special details to make it look as real and cozy as possible. 


Lights, Camera, Hamster Okchicas

There wouldn’t be any fun in this project if it wasn’t recorded. There was interesting footage of these teeny rodents and a 9-episode online show was broadcast, which revolved around a family of four hamsters.


Party of Four Nulis

The rodent family was set up by four hamsters. The father loves politics and the mother works at a food store. As for the kids, the son struggles with insomnia and the daughter loves to work out and stay fit. The one thing they all have in common: their obsession with food.


Going Social Wstale

The film series was shared on Supremo’s Facebook page, quickly creating a solid fan-base. Leavingstone was successful with their objective, giving the audience an entertaining show about a rodent family obsessed with delicious food.


Eat, Read, Love Creacute

No series would be complete without a love story in it. That’s why the bookstore “Eat, Read, Love” was included in Yumville: it is the main setting of the love story behind this 9-episode online series.


Apollo Imgur

Every town needs a movie theater, too; and Yumville was no different. Apollo is the replica of one of Georgia’s oldest movie theaters—hey, hamsters need entertainment and popcorn, too!


Bed, Bath and Beyond Uschinapress

The hamster house itself was also pretty complete. The bedrooms are elegantly styled and the bathroom features an old-school tub with a polka-dot shower curtain you wish you had. The house also includes a kitchen, its own fireplace, and even gym equipment!


Adorable Furr-niture Funnyjunk

Just because they’re furry doesn’t mean they don’t deserve fancy furniture. Different pieces of furniture were added to give the house a homey touch and to make the whole setting even more adorable.