This Guy Proves You Don't Need Money To Survive, Lives 100% Without Money

One man proves it's possible to lead a life free of cash. No, really!

Posted on: May 31, 2017

This Guy Proves You Don't Need Money To Survive, Lives 100% Without Money

Do you ever feel like the need for money is like an economic prison? Don’t you wish that sometimes you could live without the capitalist consuming needs that have its grips on modern society? Ugh, if only Sephora stopped releasing so much makeup, and Ebay stopped selling those sneakers at 70% their cost in the US. Well, one man did it. He’s found a way to live without spending cash, and he’s totally loving the lifestyle.


The Moneyless Man Newstatesman

90 percent of humanity’s time on Earth has been spent living more ecologically and without the obsessive need for wealth, and we were happy for it. So on November 2008, an Irishman named Mark Boyle decided to recreate that happiness by living cash free.


Off The Grid Permaculture

Some years ago, the Business and Economics major wanted a good job to earn as much cash as possible. But since then he hasn’t spent a single penny. That’s meant giving up his yacht and fantastic job managing a big organic food company.


The Root Of All Evil Allinghamfestival

After talking to a friend over a glass of Merlot on his yacht, he realized that the resource wars, factory farms, sweatshops, and environmental destruction were all sparked by one thing, the greed that came from earning money.


Changing The World Labioguia

Boyle decided to lead by example, which unfortunately meant he had to give up his riches, and all of the usual amenities that came with modern day living, but he felt that if others adopted his philosophy, we could help the world and others to suffer less in this globalized format.


Eating Out Motherboard.vice

His strategy for getting a meal includes foraging wild food, growing it, bartering, and using waste grub, which he claims there’s far too much of. On the first day, he fed 150 people a three course meal with waste and foraged food.


Making Due CastillosImaginarios

Aside from eating his own crops and pillaging through waste, he also spent most of the year cooking outside, rain or shine, on a rocket stove, which was admittedly efficient, but not as great as a regular stove.


Home Away From Home Thetrentonline

He bought himself a caravan from Freecycle, parked it on an organic farm he volunteered with, and gutted all of its modern amenities. To stay warm, he’d used wood to heat up in a wood burner made from an old gas bottle.


Food From Poop Hhack4hire

Since his crops were one of the main sources of food for him, he used his own feces as manure to ensure his veggies would grow. Now that might sound disgusting, but it’s no different than cow manure.


Using Anything And Everything

He bathed in a river, used washed up cuttlefish bone with wild fennel seeds as toothpaste. But to wipe his behind, he relied on newspaper from a local newsagent. He also used beeswax candles for lighting, and to stay fit, he relied on a bike for the 55 km commute to the city.


A Happy Life Rebeldia

Most of us would be miserable doing what he did, but he claims that first year was the happiest of his life, was sick only once, is super fit, and even made more friends, and all of this without money. Who would have thought that a life of poverty can also lead to enlightenment? He went on to publish a book, titled “The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living” back in 2010.