This Is What 200 Calories Worth Of Food Looks Like. Say Goodbye To Snickers Bars Forever!

Because we all deserve to know what 200 calories really look like.

Posted on: May 22, 2017

This Is What 200 Calories Worth Of Food Looks Like. Say Goodbye To Snickers Bars Forever!

It seems that more and more people are watching their weight over the course of the years. We’re all trying to make better food decisions to reach a healthier way of living. However, we might not know exactly how good—or bad—certain foods are towards our efforts to drop off some weight. Here’s what 200 calories really look like in different foods to start making healthier choices. Or, you know, stop scoffing down bowls full of popcorn.


Apples Masterchollo

Not just one apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you’re trying to stay healthy and drop off a few pounds, you can eat around 13.5 oz worth of apples for a total of only 200 calories—depending on their size, that could mean 3-4 apples a day.


Butter BoredPanda

As harmless as it might seem, butter is no friend to weight loss. Yes, you can include some on your diet because—hey—we all want to butter things up. A small 1-oz piece already sums up 200 calories, so just go easy on it.


Broccoli Difundir

So. Much. Broccoli. Yes, that huge 20-oz flowering head of broccoli is only around 200 calories. This can be a great ally in the kitchen: it adds flavor and texture to your dishes, and you will feel full while the broccoli makes its way into your digestive system faster and for a longer period of time.


Chocolate Bar Animalworld

This one’s a no brainer. We all know chocolate has more empty calories than we need: an almost 2-oz piece of Snickers bar already means 200 calories. If your sweet tooth is calling, allow yourself to indulge—just not too much; you wouldn’t want to surpass your suggested daily calories with this little piece of heaven.



You’ve always been taught carbs are your enemies if you’re trying to watch your calories. Though that’s not a complete lie, you don’t have to remove them from your diet all-together. A 5-oz serving of cooked pasta is around 200 calories; so you can allow yourself that once in a while if you balance out the rest of your day.


Hot Dogs Thetoc

One and one-quarter of a sausage—or around 2.3 oz—is enough to sum up 200 calories. That’s a lot given we still would have to add the calories for other sausages, bread, and dressings. Try replacing this fast-food meal with a more wholesome version to enjoy all the flavors without sacrificing all your caloric intake of the day.


Cheeseburger Nettstart

We all crave fast food once in a while, but do you know exactly how many calories are going to waste? With only half a cheeseburger—around 2.6 oz—, you’re already consuming 200 calories. With this information in mind, you’ll probably go all one-minute-in-your-lips-forever-in-your-hips on this one next time.


Celery Ekliyo

Excellent sources of antioxidants, celery stalks provide dietary fiber that boosts digestion and weight loss. Plus, a 50-oz serving is what you would have to eat in order to reach 200 calories—that’s a lot of stalks right there. Prepare a few homemade healthy sauces and dip celery stalks right before big meals—you will thank us later.


Peppers Msoocial

A 26-oz serving of different colored mini peppers is the translation for 200 calories. That’s a lot of peppers you can distribute throughout your day: they will add a lot of flavor and a crunchy touch to all your homemade meals. Delish!


Avocados Taringa

Avocados are no longer a hipster’s go-to superfood; everyone is eating them now. They’re not known as a superfood for nothing: they contain healthy fats, more potassium than a regular-sized banana, and plenty of benefits that help lower cholesterol. One 4.4-oz avocado is only 200 calories; a guilt-free pleasure you can definitely add to your meals.