This Make-up Artist Gives a Whole New Meaning to “Spring in Your Eyes,” Starts Awesome New Trend

If you're feeling bold and inspired by nature you have to try your hand at the new “Terrarium-eye” make-up trend.

Posted on: May 19, 2017

This Make-up Artist Gives a Whole New Meaning to “Spring in Your Eyes,” Starts Awesome New Trend

Self-taught MAC artist Ellie Costello is make-up fashion’s new bae. The London based 19-year old stunner has created a new trend and is already sending waves with her garden-based inspiration looks across Instagram. Thanks to her thousands of adoring fans and followers, “Terrarium-eyes” might just topple contouring as the next best thing to try our hand at. While being inspired by nature is nothing new, even in the make-up universe, delicately placing real flowers on your lids is a whole new ballgame.


Hum, Yes, You Can! EwModa

Just because drawing a perfect cat-eye seems like the unattainable holy grail of make-up, that doesn’t mean that a “Terrarium-Eye” masterpiece is out of your reach. If you look through Ellie Costello’s Instagram feed you’ll see that there is no set way of achieving this look. You can put the flowers on the lash, on the lid, on the crease, on the eye-brow, in short, let the wild imperfect nature of… well, nature! be your guide.


The Whole Garden College Candy

While baby’s-breath and forget-me-nots seem to be Ellie’s favorite flowers to use (they are the perfect size after all) she has also used rose petals, dried flowers, leaves and even stems. She is clearly inspired by nature and channeling spring. So take a look at your garden (or windowsill) and start seeing the make-up potential growing there.


Petals Over Flowers Pictaram

If your garden is woefully short on tiny flowers, have no fear. Pick the petals off larger flowers, cut or tear them to a size you can manage and use them to create a similar (or totally different) design. Just let nature inspire you.


Keep the Petals The Scoop

Even if you do have tiny flowers growing in masses in your garden, picking and keeping the petals off larger flowers is still a good idea for this trend. Ellie Costello pasted petals to her lashes, creating new beautiful and colorful false lashes.


Leave The Leaves TehTarik

Don’t think that because your garden doesn’t have any flowers, that you can’t try your hand at the “Terrarium-eye” trend. Pick the prettiest, greenest leaves you can find and use them to create a “woodland creature” masterpiece. Just, you know, wash them first!


Adhering Accessories Pictaram

If sticking a bouquet of flowers on your eyes seems a little daunting for the first try, go simple. Ellie has some beautiful examples of simple, minimal and gorgeous “Terrarium-eyes” on her Instagram feed. Consisting of nothing more than some shadow, mascara and a sparse sprinkling of dried flowers. Totally doable.


Moving On Daily Mail

Once you feel confident enough to move on to more intricate designs, think color. You can match your eye-shadow to the flowers and petals, or rather create a bold color contrast. But don’t stop there. Ellie adds glitter and scattered, seemingly randomly placed dots all over to take her art to the next level. Use colored mascara to match your petals, or white mascara to accent the colors around your lashes.


The Canvas Hello Giggles

Remember to use your entire canvas. Ellie Costello has attached flowers and petals to her eye lids, both on the top and bottom. She has also placed them in the corner of her eye, on her lashes and on her eyebrows. Remember to use the entire area and just go wild with the eye-shadow, the colors, the glitter and the flowers. Get inspired and start creating.


Sunny Afternoon La Vie Red

Beware, the hard work of picking flowers and adding them to your make-up might not survive a night of dancing at the club. Even so, it’s totally worth it for an afternoon of artistic fun on a sunny summer day, celebrating nature and beauty.