This Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into Every Sailor Moon Character And We Can't Get Enough

Makeup artist Regina is taking us on a nostalgic trip to the 90s and reminds us why anime heroins were so badass back in the day.

Posted on: March 14, 2017

This Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into Every Sailor Moon Character And We Can't Get Enough

If you love anime or you grew up during the 90s, then chances are, you know who “Sailor Moon” is. Well, one amazingly talented makeup artist known as MUA Regina, or @picturresque on Instagram turned herself into each of these strong, badass Sailor Senshis using her skills, makeup, wigs, and costumes. One look at her depictions and it’ll evoke nostalgia and a wave of emotions over the popular anime characters.


1. Sailor Moon Bustle

Luna may have given Usagi Tsukino the magical brooch that turned her into Sailor Moon, but this talented artist found that her skills had the same metamorphic effect. Just look at those bleach-blonde brows and blue waterline… they’re a stroke of genius.


2. Sailor Mars Bustle

No. It’s not Wonder Woman, and you certainly don’t need to possess the powers associated with fire and the Ofuda charm, or be a psychic clairvoyant like Sailor Mars to admire this artistic beauty. Just look at those lips. They’re so mesmerizing.


3. Sailor Venus Bustle

Her powers are associated with love and beauty, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. The subtle navy liner and bottom lash mascara used by this amazingly talented artist provides a warm orange tone to her cosplay element.


4. Sailor Mercury Bustle

Sailor Mercury was known as the brain of the Sailor team who was also a supernatural fighter who helped protect the solar system from evil. But those icy blue highlights and blue brows are so captivating, she could freeze you with one look.


5. Sailor Jupiter Bustle

She might serve as the muscles of the group with her superhuman strength as well as her powers of electricity, but this mint green beauty will leave you stunned with her ethereal gaze. If looks could kill, she’d definitely manage to do it with her lovely green eyes.


6. Black Lady Bustle

Who could have imagined that pink could look this evil? As you might remember, Black Lady is an evil grown-up version of Chibiusa Tsukino, who was corrupted by Death Phantom. Oh, you can slay us anytime, especially with that razor sharp winged eyeliner, dark red lipstick, stained with the blood of your enemies, and that metal spiked collar that’s giving us chills.


7. Sailor Neptune Bustle

Now that Regina has encompassed this teal hair, she’ll probably start a trend for 2017, or maybe it’s the fact that she made this popular and elegant antihero, sharp, angry, cold and oh-so beautiful. No wonder Sailor Uranus picked her as her lover.


8. Sailor Uranus Bustle

To bring Sailor Uranus to the realm of reality, Regina used makeup that was a lot more subtle. In other words, less was more, allowing her character to show off what she’s best known for, her sword combat, and her powers associated with the wind and sky.


9. Sailor Saturn Bustle

Sailor Saturn already has the ability to annihilate an entire star system and reset the evolution of a civilization back to zero, and she does it with those hypnotic purple eyes and that sexy lollipop lipstick. Destruction, death, and rebirth… that’s how we feel when we gaze upon her.


10. Sailor Pluto Bustle

Can you imagine anything lovelier than those reddish-brown eyes against the green brows and hair? But what would you expect from the gatekeeper of the door to Space-Time? With that fierce look, she can forbid anyone from passing through the gateway without permission.


11. Sailor Sun Bustle

Sailor Sun never existed anywhere other than in fan-fiction, but Regina found a way to show us what this radiant looking beauty would look like if she were flesh and blood. But don’t look too close at Sailor Sun or you might go blind.