This Man Used To Walk 3 Miles To Work, But These Angels-On-Earth Decided To Give Him An Unexpected Gift

You won’t complain about commuting to work anymore after reading this, that's for sure!

Posted on: July 25, 2017

This Man Used To Walk 3 Miles To Work, But These Angels-On-Earth Decided To Give Him An Unexpected Gift

Three miles. 4,82 kilometers. 5,280 yards. That’s how much this worker walked each day to his fast food job—actually, that’s 6 miles if we count the way back. Born in Texas, 20-year-old Justin Korva had to commute to work by foot every day; no matter the weather, no matter his energy. His life changed around when a group of Rockwall folks discovered about his daily trek and decided to give him the most useful, unexpected present: a car. Get emotional with this good deed and read all about this heartwarming story!


Walk Six Miles in My Shoes Kvue

Justin Korva walked six miles each day to get from his home in Rockwall to the Taco Casa fast food restaurant where he works. We’re talking Texas, people: that means walking under the insanely-hot-summer sun.


A Life-Changing Ride Complex

When Andy Mitchell, a fellow town neighbor, noticed Justin walking in his fast-food uniform in 95-degree temperatures, he knew he had to help out. He gave the young worker a lift and spared him the long hike to work at least for that day. 


Saving Grace Facebook

During the life-saving car ride, Justin and Mitchell hit it off and struck up a conversation. Justin told his new friend that the reason he walked three miles to work each day was because he was saving money to buy his own car.


Community Service Facebook

Mitchell was so inspired by Korva’s work ethic and determination, he decided to find a better way to help him—he even flattered Justin on his Facebook page. He rallied his community and raised enough money to surprise Korva with an unexpected gift: a car.


Charity Begins at Samee Facebook

Mitchell started up a donation box and placed it at the restaurant he owns, Samee’s Place. They all soon raised around $5,500 and immediately found a reliable car to buy for Justin.


The Four-Wheeled Gift Noticiasya

The group of Texas strangers surprised Justin with his own car to commute to work every day. Justin began crying when he received the car: he couldn’t believe his eyes and was overjoyed with his gift!


On Camera Dailymail

The emotional moment was recorded on camera. In the video, we see the group of strangers wait for Justin to come off work. As soon as Justin sees them, one of them explains why they’re there and why he just won his car


Car Bonus Eldiariony

The community not only got Justin a car. They went the extra mile and added enough money for a year of insurance, two years of oil changes and a $500 gas card: Justin won’t have to spend a dime on his car for a long while!


No Excuses Dailymail

When Mitchell posted about Justin’s determination on his Facebook page, he made emphasis on how inspirational Justin’s commute was. He had a special message to all those people who complain about not finding a job or not having a vehicle: there are no excuses.


Thanks for All the Wheels Cbsnews

Mitchell updated his Facebook friends by letting them know how thankful he was for all the donations. He told his friends exactly what the charity money bought Justin: a car, insurance money, a gas gift card and money to spare! That’s what we call a good deed. I’m not crying, you’re crying!