Try These Bathroom Hacks To Turn Your Ugly Poop Room Into A Gorgeous And Organized Palace

Take your bathroom to the next level with these useful tips to take advantage of every little corner.

Posted on: May 10, 2017

Try These Bathroom Hacks To Turn Your Ugly Poop Room Into A Gorgeous And Organized Palace

The bathroom is not just a place we visit everyday to do—uh, how should I put it—our business. It’s a spot in the house where we take care of our personal hygiene in general, from applying makeup to shaving or cutting our nails. With so much to do in there, we need many items to help us look our best. Here are a few simple yet useful hacks to make the most of every little corner of your bathroom so you can have everything you need at your fingertips.


Hipster Pallet Pinterest

Should you have a naked wall, place a rustic pallet on your wall and hang empty jars in there to create the ultimate chic storage space. This idea will double as a decor item and a storage option to make the most of your bathroom.


Phone Holder Aliexpress

Back in the days, we used to take magazines or newspapers with us to the bathroom, but now we all take our phone—who hasn’t texted from the toilet? Keep your phone safe by placing a holder on top of your toilet paper roll so it never gets the risk of falling down on… unsavory places.


Door Rack Ebay

If you have a bathroom cupboard with doors underneath, this tip will make your day. Place a rack behind the doors and use that space to store your hairdryer, flat iron or shaving machine—or anything, really.


Curtain Pockets DecoracionSueca

The bathroom curtain doesn’t have to be just the bathroom curtain. Buy one with pockets and save space by placing all showering items in them—you can probably DIY too!


Outlet Shelf Flipboard

Install a little shelf over any outlet so you can rest whatever electronic appliance there in between uses. Just think how convenient it will be to have a place for your shaving machine!


Outlet Shelf. Part Two. Geb.Ebay

Ok, you don’t own an electric razor—we get it. But everybody owns a toothbrush and these little shelves are a great place to put them after you use them.


Drawer Magnets Casas Increibles

Bathroom drawers can get messy, no matter if you’re a man or a woman. Place two magnet strips on each of the sides so you can attach anything from bobby pins to scissors.


Tub Cubby Kloshane

Not familiar with that name? It’s basically a bathroom organizer you can stick to your wall. It has pockets so you can place whatever you want in there to keep your bathroom always organized.


Over-the-Faucet Shelf LaughingColours

The name is already self-explanatory; so let me talk about the advantages of installing one in your bathroom. It adds extra space to store toothpaste, soap, hand cream, or whatever you have in mind.


Stacked Wall Shelves Goodhousekeeping

Make room where there is none by installing two or even three wall shelves. Store anything from towels, to toilet paper and shampoo bottles. Your bathroom will have a renewed shelf life!