Trying To Lose The Muffin Top? Make Sure You Are Eating Any Of These 10 Delicious Foods

Are you trying to lose some weight? The trick is to eat more of these foods.

Posted on: June 27, 2017

Trying To Lose The Muffin Top? Make Sure You Are Eating Any Of These 10 Delicious Foods

So you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, right? You can’t stand your muffin top and clothes don’t fit you anymore. The way to get rid of your unhealthy habits that made you put on the weight is not to eat less, but to eat the right foods that can give you the energy you need to stay active. These foods have been shown to reduce weight gain, and help with weight loss, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Science is finally giving us the green light to eat a lot of foods we thought were fattening. It’s time to go shopping!


Yo, Yo, Yogurt! bbc

Not only is yogurt filled with probiotics that are great for your digestive system, but the study found that the more yogurt people ate, the more weight they lost! Plus, it didn’t find any difference between eating low-fat or full-fat dairy products. So open up that creamy tub of full-fat yogurt and tuck in!


Vitamin Sea Elsoar

If you love seafood, you’re going to love this. Just like with yogurt, the study revealed that the more seafood people ate, the more weight they lost! So swap that steak for some shrimps, and watch the weight drop off.


Skinless Chicken WikiHow

Yep, this is another one! The more you eat it of it, the more weight you’ll lose. What’s great is that there are so many options to enjoy it. From a grilled chicken salad to a cheesy chicken Parmesan, the choice is yours.


Are You Nuts? You Should Be Connect Vending

After you read this, nuts are going to be your new fave snack. Because just like yogurt, seafood, and skinless chicken, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that the more nuts people ate, the more weight they lost. What’s not to love.


The Seed Of Doubt SunWarrior

The study also revealed that the more low GI (Glycemic Index) foods you eat, the less weight you gain. So why not try some super low GI seeds as a mid-morning snack, or sprinkle them over a salad or stir fry to add some crunch?


Vegetables Galore Alovesquad

Here’s yet another reason to fall in love with veg! Not only are they seriously yummy (you’ve just got to cook them right), they are also low GI and when eaten together, they help to reduce the weight gain effects of red meat.


Fruit Up Your Life Sveikata

Having a nice, sweet piece of fruit is the perfect way to round off any meal, especially when you’re trying to lose some weight. So pick up a piece of fruit like an apple or an orange, or maybe even a prune or some coconut if you’re feeling adventurous!


Bean Me Up, Scottie The Life Foxes

Legumes are an incredible, high protein food to add to your diet. Plus, they really don’t need to be tasteless or boring. Get creative and try homemade hummus, a spicy dahl or even an Italian butter bean soup.


Yummy, Yams GreenBlender

Yams are a fantastic alternative to plain old white potatoes. If you’re a little scared of trying new things, you can always stick to its cousin, the sweet potato. Both have a way lower GI than your usual spuds.


Whole Grains Nestle

Who says you can’t eat carbs when you want to lose weight? Just swap the rice and baguettes for oats, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread. Enjoy these great alternatives guilt-free.