Vinegar Is That Kind Of Magical Elixir That Can Completely Change The Way You Clean

Vinegar is here to completely wipe away the past, grease, nasty odors, and all that junk.

Posted on: August 25, 2017

Vinegar Is That Kind Of Magical Elixir That Can Completely Change The Way You Clean

They used vinegar back in Babylonian times, and we still have some pretty clever uses today. When something’s good, it’s good! There’s no denying it. Vinegar has been used in a variety of ways over the years, from wagers in Royal battles, to medical cures for deadly diseases such as the plague. We know, we know, you won’t be dying from the plague anytime now, but you may be able to get rid of the nasty dirty marks on your floors, or to completely get rid of bacteria on your microwave.  


Brightening Your Laundry Cimri

Sick of drab looking colors? Things don’t need to be this way. not when you probably have a bottle of vinegar around the house. About a quarter cup of this heavenly elixir will get rid of soap residue build up, which leaves your clothes looking dull. Say hello to colors that pop!


Cleaning Gross Dishes Ok Clip Art

If you recently had burgers, or macaroni and cheese, and the grease somehow found its way over your dishes, you can skip going on a diet for a while longer and simply add two tablespoons of vinegar to your dish soap, and voila! Back to the way things were when you first bought that set of plates. 


Cleaning Your Microwave The Make Your Own Zone

Let’s face it, the microwave is probably pretty gross, at this point. Because seriously, who cleans their microwave? There are bigger fish to fry, especially when you have kids and your whole house is a mess. The steam from a boiling bowl of vinegar will help get all the bits of food stuck to the sides off, as it loosens them up, resulting in a pretty immaculate-looking, pristine microwave. 


Getting Rid Of The Clouds Pinterest

Fortunately, we don’t mean the ones in the sky. However, a vinegar-soaked rag will get any cloudy deposits right off your glasses, and now you can finally admire a crystal-clear reflection.


Keeping Pets At Bay Pinterest

Cats are super cute – perhaps less so when they’re destroying your furniture, that’s for sure. Spraying a little vinegar around the house is a way to mark your territory as a way to keep them away. They hate the smell, and realize that area has been deemed unsafe. Hey, your pet was planning on doing the same to your couch, but they weren’t going to use vinegar to mark it.


Eradicating Water Stains Good Housekeeping

Ugh, those pesky water circles have a way to staining furniture pretty fast, so when you least expect it, you find your beautiful antique table full of marks, and lines. It’s so frustrating you’re starting to consider throwing it away, but do not stress. Help is on the way. Getting rid of water marks on a wooden surface just takes equal parts vegetable oil, and, you guessed it – vinegar. Give it a shot, and don’t burn the house down! There’s always a way to undo our mistakes. 


Draining Your Drains Mom 4 Real

Help drains do their job by pouring a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar through them. The foam gets the gunk to go, and keeps them smelling pretty fresh, too.


De-Skunkifying Shareably

We’d never want to be in that situation, but if by the grace of the world your pet or child get skunked, bathe them in a mixed solution of water and vinegar, before dousing with in fresh water. Sure, they’ll still stink up the place, but we’re pretty sure they’d rather smell like salad and not like skunk.


Defrosting Your Car Shareably

Great! Another day you’re late for work, as you have to wait for the car to defrost. Don’t call the office just yet. Simply wipe your car windows with a solution – three parts vinegar diluted into one part water, and your troubles will literally melt away.