Weird And Fascinating Traditions Around The World That Makes Ours Look As Fun As Watching Grass Grow

Other countries sure know how to have fun, and come up with the strangest traditions!

Posted on: April 28, 2017

Weird And Fascinating Traditions Around The World That Makes Ours Look As Fun As Watching Grass Grow

Traveling is a great way to discover other cultures and how they dictate life in different countries. Each country has its very own set of rules and practices that make it unique. They might seem funny to us simply because they’re so different from our own; but learning about them also opens up our minds and makes us better citizens of the world. Check out these weird practices other countries are known for!


Italy Guesthouser Blog

This country probably has it all: great wine, awesome food, lovely places to visit, and super friendly people. It’s no wonder they have an actual law in Milan to smile all the time; except in funerals or hospitals, obviously. Say cheese!



The Japanese always advise you to cover up your belly during a rainstorm. Legend has it that Raijin, the thunder god, is on the hunt for belly buttons during bad weather—it’s probably something parents made up to threaten their kids to behave. Britney Spears would’ve had a bad time in the 2000s, though!


Greece Youtube

Kids are asked to throw their recently lost tooth to the roof because, legend has it, a pig will come and take it. In this old-time tradition, they wish for their adult teeth to be healthy and strong while also reciting a little rhyme. Whatever floats their boat, I guess!


France Travel And Leisure

Believe it or not, the French village of Sarpourenx forbids residents to die. Yeah, you read correctly. You can’t kick the bucket in this little town or else you’ll be punished—no one knows exactly how, though.


Finland Daily Mail

You thought Cow Raising was a weird sport? Wait until you learn all about Wife-carrying, a fully endorsed sport in Finland. Racers literally carry their wives on their necks and there are even yearly championships where anyone can compete!


China Bowery Boogie

Chinese kids are potty trained wherever they are: in the middle of the street, in plain sight! They’re taught to go whenever they feel it’s coming, and that might be just about anywhere. Some pants even come with an adorable hole in the tushy for easier access.


Singapore Flickr

Because Singapore is a super clean city, it has a very strict policy about chewing gum in the street. Just enjoy it at home because they don’t want any sticky litter. There’s even a fine for breaking the law!


India Dream Plan Go

Some people in India refuse to interact with someone’s left hand because they believe it’s the hand used to clean yourself after doing your business. We had never thought of that, but we’re not taking our chances if we ever travel there!


Germany Wander Wings

If you haven’t gotten married by age 25, your friends string a sort of sock garland on your ceiling during your birthday. It is just another drinking game: for every sock you pass, you have to take a shot—this game might actually lower marriage percentages!


Saudi Arabia The Daily Beast

Women in this Arab country are not allowed to drive. So, if you’re a female tourist driving, don’t be surprised if people stare a lot. It’d e as weird as if you saw a giant pink elephant riding a bike in your hometown. Also, Arabian women can’t vote yet. So you could pretty much say it sucks being a lady back there.