What Is The Cast of “The Nanny” Doing Now, 18 Years After The Show Ended

Check out what your favorite characters have been doing after their big success in The Nanny.

Posted on: May 16, 2017

What Is The Cast of “The Nanny” Doing Now, 18 Years After The Show Ended

After 22 years of being aired for the first time, The Nanny is a beloved British-American sitcom we still watch and enjoy today. If you are anything like us, you’ve probably been raised with this show playing on the background. We’ve all grown to love Ms. Fine and Mr. Sheffield, and lol-ed with Niles and his witty remarks. Find out what each actor is up to now after 22 years of their indisputable fame in The Nanny.


The Show Criticsight

Devoted fans of The Nanny truly know how beloved this show was and still is. What’s not to love about a clumsy cosmetics saleswoman who babysits the three children of a rich British widower? Originally aired on CBS in the late 90s, this sitcom boasts a sharp sense of humor that can still fill our home with happiness today.


Fran Fine Thecoast

The finest of them all. Her nasal voice and charisma gave her the spotlight of the show, and she’s been in the show biz since then. From producing the Happily Divorced show to starring in Broadway’s Cinderella, which recently debuted in L.A., the sitcom was a great starting point of Fran Drescher’s acting career.


Maxwell Sheffield Pensezvousaimer

The handsome widower you also wished you babysat for. After the show, actor Charles Shaughnessy has been pretty busy guest-starring in different TV shows like Mad Men, Happily Divorced, Castle, and Revenge.


Niles Taringa

The best insult giver there will ever exist. Daniel Davis continued his career in other shows like The Practice, The Prestige and Ugly Betty, where he briefly made appearances as a guest, and also participated on other stage gigs.


C. C. Babcock Los40

The meanest of them all. You might remember Lauren Lane’s role in The Nanny as a mean-spirited egocentric, but her roles shifted a bit in the theater world. You will see her in productions like August: Osage County, God of Carnage and Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.


Maggie Sheffield Farandula

The eldest daughter of the Sheffield family. We’ve seen Nicholle Tom grow up, both in fiction and in real life. After The Nanny ended, she’s been part of other shows like Criminals Minds, Castle, Masters of Sex, and Gotham.


Brighton Sheffield Ekomancer.tumblr

The middle child and the only boy in the Sheffield family. After his famous role as a rebel son, Benjamin Salisbury hasn’t been around the acting world much. We saw him last in 2005, during an episode of N3mbers, and he probably has decided to stay out of the limelight since then.


Gracie Sheffield Scoopnest

The youngest of the Sheffield clan. Madeline Zima is now 30, and has remained in the public eye thanks to her performances in shows like Californication, Heroes, and Betas. Seems like Gracie’s career in The Nanny was her saving grace.


Sylvia Fine Twitter

The mom we all wish we had. Famous for playing an overbearing Jewish mom, Renee Taylor did so well on The Nanny, she kept her career going even after all these years. Happily Divorced, How I Met Your Mother, and Bob’s Burgers, as a voice actress, are part of her artistic resume.


Grandma Yetta JeSuisFrancais

The grandma with a horrible fashion sense. Ann Morgan Guilbert was quite active after her performance in The Nanny, by participating in shows like Getting On. Though she has passed away at age 87, she will always have a passing grade in our hearts.