Woman Gets Photoshopped To Look Beautiful According To These Countries' Different Ideals Of Beauty

A woman got photoshopped around the world to depict what beautiful means to each and every one of them. Once and for all, you'll be able to see that beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder.

Posted on: March 07, 2017

Woman Gets Photoshopped To Look Beautiful According To These Countries' Different Ideals Of Beauty

Some say that the perception of beauty tends to vary from nation to nation. So an online doctor service from the U.K. decided to hire a handful of graphic designers to Photoshop the same female model in a way that made her more attractive to the citizens of those specific countries. The goal of all this was to better understand the unrealistic standards of beauty around the world.


1. Graceful U.S.A. []( “”)

18 graphic designers from around the world were asked to Photoshop one woman’s face and body to fit with what they considered to be their culture’s idea of beauty, and this slimming figure with sexy hips and voluptuous breasts belonged to none other than the good old U.S.A. Curvy and slightly fit seems to be the preferred body type in a nation where “anything goes” when it comes to beauty. 


2. Delicate China []( “”)

The Chinese graphic designer gave the same woman a major makeover which involved a skinnier, more fragile frame that made the model look like a beautiful porcelain doll with very big breasts, which seems to be a recurring theme.


3. Alluring Colombia []( “”)

It appears that Colombians prefer their women with a little more meat on their bones, which still looks sexy AF and more in tune with the Colombian beauty standards. 


4. Elegant Egypt []( “”)

If this beautiful Egyptian “queen” doesn’t convince you that all bodies are beautiful, we don’t know what will. She encompasses some of the physical characteristics of the previous girls, but with a thinner waist and a lot more extra on top. Curve is the name of the game, particularly in Egypt. 


5. Refining Italy []( “”)

There’s no denying that Italian women are beautiful, but according to some people, Italy and China’s submission suggests that men perceive beautiful women as having a lower body weight index. Based on this image alone, we’d say this Photoshopped beauty weighs about 108 pounds. Long and lean seems to be in, at least in Italy. 


6. Exquisite Netherlands []( “”)

The Dutch don’t seem to care if a woman’s torso is a little broader so long as their legs and arms and faces are thin. We’re guessing it’s true what they say that some people like a little junk in the trunk.


7. Shapely Peru []( “”)

Even though Sofia Vergara is Colombian, Peruvians compare beauty to a body shape that’s similar to hers. In other words, big breasts, and broad sexy hips and thighs that can make anyone spit their morning coffee. Traditionally, latin-speaking countries do consider sexy curves and a heavy bottom the norm when it comes to their ideal woman. 


8. Beautified Philippines []( “”)

The graphic designer from the Philippines used the Goldilocks method to envision a beautiful woman. In other words, she’s not plus sized, but she’s not skinny boned either. She’s right in the middle and that seems to be what Philippines find exceedingly attractive.


9. Romanian Loveliness []( “”)

It seems to be a fact that Romanian men prefer women who are a bit thicker. So the graphic designer Photoshopped this woman to look like she weighed about 146 pounds. But despite the changes to her shape and form, she’s still retained really shapely proportions. 


10. The Gap In Serbia []( “”)

It seems that the beauty ideals for Serbian women involve a thigh gap. Unfortunately, women with narrow hips will have a hard time ever achieving this look. But while most of these beauty standards are often unrealistic, that won’t stop men from booking a flight to these nations simply to get a look at these beauties.