You May Want To Quit Your Job Now Just So You Can See These Inspirational Natural Wonders In Person

Sure, they seem photoshopped, but we all know these incredible places actually exist! Get the camera, quick!

Posted on: June 15, 2017

You May Want To Quit Your Job Now Just So You Can See These Inspirational Natural Wonders In Person

These days, we can create almost anything on a computer, which is why when awesome occurrences happen in nature, they’re that much more special. These natural wonders exist but they’re so breathtaking it’ll take you minutes to understand just how beautiful Mother Nature can be. You might need to do a double take, and we totally get it!


Rainbow Mountains AusangateTrek

The Rainbow Mountains of Cusco, Peru are some of the most impressive wonders to be found in South America. That’s saying a lot, considering the nation is also home to Machu Picchu! Quick, honey, get the camera!


Underwater Crop Circles Viral Scape

These stunning and geometrical crop circles are not created by alienesque mermaids, but rather by male pufferfish off the coast of Japan to woo potential female suitors. We reckon this’ll do the trick – you don’t see many humans going to the same effort!


Fairy Circles Youtube

As much as little girls everywhere want to believe that fairies are responsible for these circles in Namibia, scientists think it’s something far less pretty – sand termites! It’s still a beautiful sight to be seen!


The Flowering Desert Tele Sur Tv

The last thing you’d expect to see in the desert are flowers, but in Atacama, Chile, they bloom when there has been a lot of rainfall. It normally gets less than 12mm per year!


Scary Spiderwebs Pinterest

Spiders are not that scary, but when they’re so surreal that their webs take over entire fields due to floods, we don’t blame anyone who wants to run screaming to the hill! This incredible phenomenon takes place in Wagga Wagga, Australia, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to take note, just so you can avoid going there.


Agitated Waves Death And Taxes Mag

“Undulatus asperatus” are cloud formations which have this eerie, foreboding look about them. Cloud appreciators say they’re the first new kind of formations since 1951. We say these look like the perfect backdrop for a Steven King movie!


Lake Natron Cloud Mind

This Tanzanian salt lake complete with hot springs is the only East African breeding area for flamingos, which share the same pink color. La vie en rose, indeed!


The Great Blue Hole Chabil Maravillas

Wow! This submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize not only looks impressive, it is impressive! It’s over 300 meters wide, and 124 meters deep! Thanks, but I’ll stick to hotel pools, I guess!


The Giant’s Causeway Novosti-N

This Northern Irish site of an ancient volcanic eruption is more than worth exploring, it’s stunning and one of those places we’d dare to classify as Instagram-worthy. It’s basically 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. WOW. 


Catatumbo Lightning Tec Hand Facts

Since we’re talking about South America, the Catatumbo Lightning in Venezuela – found on the Catatumbo River – is absolutely breathtaking. Seriously! You’ll turn blue just by looking at this natural marvel! But don’t hold your breath! You can catch it for up to ten hours per night, up to 160 days per year!