You Too Can Rent Out These Breathtaking Airbnb Castles So You Can Feel Like Royalty

If you've had your share of hostels or regular resorts, this vacation experience is perfect for you if you feel like changing things up, (and splurging like a mofo!)

Posted on: May 30, 2017

You Too Can Rent Out These Breathtaking Airbnb Castles So You Can Feel Like Royalty

Finding accommodation for your trip is probably the most fun part about traveling. You get to explore hundreds of options before finding “the one”. If you’re looking for a unique, extravagant experience, try Airbnbing a whole castle to yourself. Live your vacation like royalty at one of these castles you can actually rent in different parts of the world. But careful, you may need to rob a bank to afford staying there for more than a few days!


Carlowrie Castle Kknews

If you’re visiting Edinburgh, check out this 1852 family-owned castle built by famous architect David Rhind. It costs £2750 per night, it features a monochromatic decor, and it can accommodate up to 16 people—that’s what we call a bargain. If anything, just split it up among all of you 16!


Cumbria Castle Around Guides

Located in Northern England, this 1841 Victorian castle boasts 15 comfortable rooms and overlooks the Yorkshire Dales. At only $258 per night, this promises a relaxed atmosphere to recharge batteries away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Somerleyton Hall Today Line

$3480. That’s what one night costs at this flamboyant residence. Home of Lord & Lady Somerleyton, this English 5000-acre estate attracts picky guests for its most prestigious gardens, comfortably elegant rooms, and diverse dining and entertainment spaces. But hey, it’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing!


Melville Castle Celticcastles

For its convenient location in one of the most enchanting areas in Edinburgh, this 18-century castle leaves guests in complete awe for its elegance and comfort. It has 32 bedrooms and costs only $115 per night—not so much for a whole castle to yourself, really!


Scone Palace Hello Magazine

If you’re on a budget, then stay away from this $647-per-night accommodation marvel. Located in the historic Scone Palace bordering Perth City, this fancy 5-star residence welcomes up to 6 people who can comfortably sleep in its en-suite bedrooms.


Chateau Bordeaux & Vignoble Aktualne

French for “castle”, this 16-acre vineyard chateau in France boasts a contemporary decoration, three stories, and 8 en-suite bedrooms. Fun is also part of this residence thanks to its billiard table, a whole bar to yourself, and plenty of green spaces to relax—all for $863 a night.


Château de Varennes sur le Doubs Travel.Idntimes

This family-owned prestigious estate is the perfect venue for all sorts of events, from destination weddings and holidays to corporate meetings. Its price is a bit over the top—$2738 to be exact—but it makes sense given its luxury, location near vineyard in Burgundy, and carefully-selected furniture.


Blackwater Castle LaLung

Only 5 minutes from the popular Irish town of Castletownroche, this 50-acre castle is worth nothing less than $2738 a night. We can see why: you not only have a 15-room selection to yourself to house up to 25 people, but it also boasts its own private river—now that’s luxurious.


Castello di Santa Maria Novella Pinterest

This 10th-century Italian fairytale castle is located near Chianti, a region nestled between Tuscany hills. It wows guests with its panoramic view of natural wonders for only $3833 a night—totally worth it, if you ask this poor soul!


Lisheen Castle Booking

This restored castle is old enough to know how to treat its guests right. Located in Ireland and at $1092 a night, Lisheen Castle is full of history—it was destroyed during the Irish War of Independence. It now offers 9 elegant rooms and an out-of-this-world master bedroom to treat yourself like royalty.