You're So Obvious! Thieves Know Where You're Stashing Your Money At Home, But We Can Help You Fool Them

It’s always a good idea to keep some money stashed at home for emergencies, but stay away from these hiding places. It's too damn obvious!

Posted on: April 24, 2017

You're So Obvious! Thieves Know Where You're Stashing Your Money At Home, But We Can Help You Fool Them

We all have a bank account by now. But what if we need some money in the middle of the night for an emergency? And no, we’re not talking about the change you got back from your pizza delivery. It’s always a good idea to keep a large amount of money safely stashed at home, but there are some hide-outs you should definitely avoid. Check out some of the worst places for you to hide that emergency cash at home.


Not Digging This The Art Of Simple

You might be inspired by some movies to bury your money in the backyard, but there are a few reasons why this might just not work. Someone can see you, your pet can dig it out, or the rain could totally ruin it—and you’re not 5 anymore.


Sleep On It Entrepeneur

Under the mattress is a hide-out as old as time, but that doesn’t make it good. Everyone knows about this classic place so whoever wants to steal from you will check here first.


Hiding Spree YouTube

Thieves might not even check for money in the shopping bags you keep, but probably someone else at home might take one by accident. Not only will your money disappear, but also you’ll be giving a random stranger a pleasant surprise you’ve worked so hard for.


En-lighten Your Wallet

You might be tempted to keep your money stashed in an old wallet or purse you don’t use anymore but if a thief wants to steal from you, that’s exactly what they’ll look for. Plus, someone can accidentally throw them away during a house cleaning sesh.


Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry In Public This Beautifully Imperfect Life

We know a thief would want to stay away from your dirty laundry basket, but sometimes a basket is all they need to transport what they steal. Think outside the basket.


Not-So Picture Perfect Engadget

We all have picture frames laying around the house, and we might not even contemplate them anymore. But this is another movie classic hide-out and thieves will go straight to them.


Totally Un Safe Q13 Fox

If you have a safe at home with some sort of password, you might be safe there. However, if the safe is not bolted down, no matter how big or heavy, thieves will be able to carry it with them.


Attention Drawers Choosing Figs

Another no-brainer for thieves. You might want to camouflage your money stash in a drawer, but thieves will go through them for sure. Plus, chances are your stash will be misplaced eventually.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles The Penny Hoarder

If you have a cookie jar at home, you might be tempted to use it as your hiding place, probably taping your stash to the lid or sides of the jar. But since this is a common place and it’s available to all, it might not be the best idea.


Oldest Trick In The Book DIY Inspired

You probably have an old book in your library no one even looks at, and you put your money in between its pages. This is another classic hide-out potential thieves will check for sure. Plus, it’s easy to forget exactly in which pages you left your cash and your money can be easily misplaced.